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good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> how do you pronounce that woman's name? famke? i'm mike hydeck. good morning. we're glad you're with us. beverly farmer is in for monika with traffic. howard bernstein is here. grab a little rain gear this morning. you won't need it this afternoon but we have showers generally west of washington right now. they'll be coming across the metro over the next few hours so by mid-morning they'll be east of us. the rest of the day and tomorrow will be far better. here's a look at your day planner. expect the showers early. temperatures will be climbing slowly here, mid-70s by noon. we'll top out, though, around 81. skies become partly sunny and driving home, 5:00 temperature very comfortable, 77 degrees. moisture still coming up from florida but it's going to start to shed off. you can see out west into west virginia and southwestern virginia, this is starting to wind down. but the showers are coming in toward frederick now. almost getting toward poolesville. a heavier shower near purcelville and western loudoun county. scattered showers back toward front royal and fauier county
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as well. moving toward prince william and fairfax and around quantico. all of this moving toward us with temps this morning 60s to low 70s. let's check in with leverly farmer -- beverly farmer in for monika with timesaver traffic. itself road work that was 95 near 17 falmouth is pulled out of the way. but that's why you have the lineup. getting better. the pace is actually still good. quantico in toward springfield, 395 and landma road work crews that had been on the ramp clearing out of the way. the thru lanes are open as you make your way up toward the 14th street bridge. 66 no incidents. northbound of 80, a crash reported not causing problems. your next timesaver traffic at a:10. back to you. -- at 5:10. back to you. a big moment in campaign 2012. we've now seen finally the candidateses go face to face in
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the first presidential debate. this morning the general consensus you'll hear on the radio and see on tv is mitt romney came out aggressively and performed well and the. basically avoided -- the president basically avoided any major mistakes. the question is whether they can gain any ground in the polls. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is in our satellite center with more. >> reporter: good morning. if you all wanted a real nitty gritty debate full of substance, this was it. the candidates used lots of numbers. they were very in the weeds so to speak. i imagine their message was at times almost tough to follow for the average american. they spent the entire 90 minutes focusing on domestic policies. the first 30 minutes were spent entirely on issue number one job creation. >> over the last 30 months we've seen five million jobs in the private sector created. the all toe industry has come roar -- auto industry has come roaring back. and housing has begun to rise.
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but we all know that we still got a lot of work to do. so the question here tonight is not where we've been but where we're going. governor romney has a perspective that says if we cut taxes, skew towards the wealthy and roll back regulations that we'll be better off. i've got a different view. >> i'm concerned that the path we're on has just been unsuccessful. the president has a view very similar to the view he had when he ran four years ago, that a bigger government, spending more, taxing more, regulating more, if you will trickle down government would work. that's not the right answer for america. >> reporter: jobs was the dominant issue. the comment that lit up twitter more than anything else was a comment by mitt romney how he would cut spending to pbs. the debate was hosted by pbs' jim lehrer. >> i'm sorry, jim. i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i'm going to stop other things. i like pbs, big bird and i like
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you, too, but i'm not going to keep spending things and borrow money from china to pay for it. >> reporter: after the comment was made, there were 17,000 tweets per minute for the words "big bird ,," 10,000 for pbs. this debate really dominated twitter more so than either of the conventions. it was really pretty incredible. i'll have more on that and more from what the candidates had to say about medicare, taxes coming up at 5:30. back to you. >> really interesting. fall pledge drives have started at your local public tv and radio. >> big bird will have to take a pay cut. we had a couple of former local politicians watch the debate in our studio last night. former congressman tom periello of virginia conceded mitt romney won the night but he may have to pay the price for his strong performance. >> his policy positions are completely opposite from everything he said the last 18 months.
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i think he came across strongly but i think people's concern is does this guy have a core sense of right and wrong. when they look at the policy discrepancies and how it falls on the middle class, he will have to answer for that. >> we'll also hear from former maryland governor gobb earlic what he thought of the debate coming up in our next half- hour. police are asking to help find a missing fairfax county teenager. ryan glenn -- bryan glenn was last seen outside of w.t. woodson high school but he wasn't at class. investigators have been out with blood hounds searching the area. if you have any information on glenn's whereabouts, please call police. the boards that oversees dulles and reagan national airports is going to add four more members. the city council approved the measure yesterday. washington and maryland will each get one more seat on the metropolitan washington airports tort. virginia will get two.
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mwaa is also overseeing the rail line to dulles. the job market is shaking this morning. that's what wall street will be watching today. with the government's weekly report on unemployment applications due out, investors got some encouraging news on the labor department yesterday or rather the labor front. a private payroll company said u.s. businesses added slightly more workers than expected. checking the numbers the dow stands this morning at 13,494. rose more than 12 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq added 15 anded s&p 500 was up by 5. think unemployment benefits are just for those trying to make ends meet? think again. a congressional research service report finds almost 3,000 millionaires received unemployment benefits in 2008 during the height of the recession. the next year the number was over 2300. on average unemployed millionaires collected just over 11,000 bucks or 37 weeks
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of checks. some are trying to make this practice illegal but since million fairs pay taxes into the jobless system, others say they're entitled to claim the benefits just like everybody else. and if you're a millionaire who loves disney, i may have the perfect house for you. a home in california designed in the image of a disney theme park. $1.5 million. gray stone manor was built by a senior designer for disney. you get 3600 square feet that gives you five bedrooms, mickey and friends of course come included. what do you think? >> the house is beautiful. if i could afford it, my wife would love to move in there. >> i don't know if i want a mickey statue outside. looks good. magical. what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> how about a free international flight. >> done. >> but you may not like the catch. >> where you're going? >> no, that's not it. you're going -- are you teased? >> yes. >> all right. stick around. >> probably have to pay to
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bring on the sweaters. it appears a tainted batch of prescription medicines has caused a dangerous meningitis outbreak. more on that story coming up. plus, a nonprofit group declares one of this area's best commuter routes an endangered landscape. ahead in sports, reaction as this guy gets his very first win in the president's race. how he did it when we come back.
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ten afte5:00 on this thursday morning. grab some rain gear if you're headed out in the next couple of hours. this stuff might just pass us by then. we do have showers early but as you look at the day planner as we head toward the launch hour, clouds at 76. we'll finish the day partly sunny, high 81. drive home temp 75. we check in with beverly farmer with our timesaver traffic. better news.
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folks early on leaving lady smith, fredericks fredricksburg, your pace is getting beer. the overnight work crew cleared before 17 falmouth. much better pace heading on northbound 95 near route 3. back to you. it is 5:11. here are some of the other stories making news. turkish is attacking military sites in syria. it's in retaliation for syrian troops shelling a town inside turkey. at least five civilians were killed. turkey may appeal to fellow nato members for them to take more action. virginia and maryland are each reporting one death from a rare form of meningitis. more than for dozen people in five states have falling ill. the outbreak has been traced to a batch of tainted prescription steroid injections. the specialty pharmacy in massachusetts that made the drug has issued a recall. the cultural landscape
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foundation is calling pennsylvania avenue an endangered landscape. this nonprofit group says the road which of course runs by the white house is falling apart because of neglect and deferred maintenance. there are water fountains that don't work, broken benches and a few other concerns apparently. she ruled more than 1300 years ago. now archaeology illses say they discovered the tomb of a central american queen. the story coming up at 5:52. for the first time in 45 years, baseball has a triple crown winner. >> next at 5:15, howard has a big cooldown in the seven-day forecast. which day is the best of the weekend? he'll tell us that, too.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:15. watch out. the deer are out. i had a family of eight crossing the pedestrian walkway this morning. >> it's that season. >> a picture on the website. >> that ramp when you're coming off the outer loop on river road. >> there is a big area of grass. >> they like t. that's a meeting point right there. be careful with the rain showers we have over the next few hours right through the heart of rush hour. once we get through this, the rest of the day looks good. tonight looks good the tomorrow looks great. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. you'll need a rain slicker or something early with temperatures very comfortable. we're in the 60s, even low 70s
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in many areas right now with the scattered showers. they're generally west of the metro at the moment but they're knocking on the doorstep of d.c. our day planner, the showers this morning for the next few hours. by lunch time drying out, 76. this afternoon partly sunny. high of 81. your 5:00 temperature though still nice, 77. so you got plans outside, certainly the afternoon looks a lot better than what we're going to look at the next few hours with the moisture streaming in from north carolina across central virginia and now just to the west of d.c. moving in toward montgomery county, almost to around boyds here. it is in urbana, frederick. a heavier shower just north of brunswick coming to 15 and 340. loudoun county some light showers. something just west of leesburg. then from d.c. now south into southwestern prince george's county, northwestern charles county, not far from fort washington got a shower there. even toward warrenton, i don't know if you can see that out there. can see it better in hd. that will be the case the next few hours the showers around
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but much better this afternoon. 60s and even 70s at this hour with arlington at 71. it is 70 in leesburg. 70 in haymarket. 73 this morning at andrews. bowie 69. we've got good visibility with cloudy skies and 73 degrees. high humidity 87%. it's been muggy around here for the last few days. got a few more days of muggies to go. wouldn't to show you the temperature trend here. some cold air starts to move into the northern part of the country. minnesota could get a foot of snow. this cold shot pushes south and east. tomorrow only going to be in the low 50s in st. louis. detroit in the 50s. we're going to be in the low 80s. then by saturday that colder air knocking on our doorstep. dallas on saturday 55. we'll see a high in new york of 72. but by sunday looks like we're going to struggle to get to 60 with showers around. so today 81, an early shower or two this afternoon looks much
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better. tonight mid-50s to low 60s for lows. clear to partly cloudy skies. 82 tomorrow. saturday an afternoon shower with that front, 77. ahead of it. behind the front sunday -- saturday is going to be the better day of the weekend. sunday showers, only 60. cool for columbus day with a high of 62. it's now 5:18. beverly farmer, good thursday morning to you. >> good thursday morning to you too, howard. outer loop of the beltway moving at a decent pace as you head out of prince george's county. volume starting to build. i-95 corridor in good shape. earlier a laurel accident has been cleared. word after crash in germantown on 355 at 118. virginia drivers 66, lanes open now as you head out of front royal and make your way into markum. fair oaks seeing more volume but the pace is still decent toward the rest area and into falls church at this hour. i-95 much better out of fredricksburg now that the work zone has been limited in
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falmouth. all that traffic will stream upstream toward quantico. here's 395 washington boulevard moving well to the 14th street bridge. your next timesaver traffic update at 5:25. back to you. >> thank you. the nationals need to wait until tomorrow's wild card match to see who wins and find out where they're going to play the post-season. teddy roosevelt has finally crossed the finish line first in the president's race. he's definitely got game on. >> that's so cool. >> time to look at our question of the day. go teddy. >> i wish i was there for that. >> roughly 1100 of these are started every second in the nation. what are they this automobiles? relationships or loads of laundry? >> this is a response posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page by jason. he wrote, i vote a. there are so many people using cars these days all over the world it just makes the most sense to me. >> what do you think?
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weigh in our facebook page. we'd love to hear from you in our 6:00 show. we'll be right back.
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a good thursday morning. we're looking at light showers generally west of town that will be coming through the next few hours. by 8:45, 9:00 temperatures in the 60s and low 70s with a better chance of showers south and east of us. we'll get toward the lunch hour. still mostly cloudy. mid-70s. notice a few showers toward cambridge and oxford and then as we get into the afternoon,
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some sunshine moves in. highs will be around 81 degrees. back to you. >> thanks, howard. many people weren't alive the last time this happened. >> this morning baseball has its first triple crown winner since boston's carl yastrzemski did it back in 1967. he and rig getting came bare -- rig gel cabrera share it now. here's kristin berset with the rest of your morning sports. good morning, everybody. after 162 long games, the nationals are getting a much deserved day off today but it's not going to last very long. friday they'll find out what team they are facing first in the playoffs. we know that they're not headed to san francisco for the first playoff game. that's out of the question. but their actual destination is still up in the air. it could either be the st. louis cardinals or the atlanta braves that they'll face first. the guys say they don't really
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have a preference where they go. they're just looking forward to having a little rest. >> everyone has some bumps and bruises. to have a day and a half off to relax will be nice, spend some time with your family, get some good dinners and get ready to go. >> relax and prepare for the post-season and try to do the same things we've been doing all year and not worry about who we're going to play. >> the baltimore orioles needing a win against the tampa bay rays to stay in the hunt for the al east title but they ran into a roadblock named evan longoria. three home runs in his first three at baths. orioles lose 4-1. that means the birds will head to texas to take on the rangers in the al wild card game on friday. on the final day of the season, history was once again made at nationals park not only did the curly ws wind up with the best record in baseball but president teddy roosevelt ended his six-year losing streak.
5:25 am
in the traditional presidents race, good old teddy finally came out victorious. perhaps it's an omen of what's to come. the very next better was ryan zimmerman. he had a home run. we asked zimm about teddy's big win after their big win. >> i'm so glad teddy won so we can stop talking about teddy. people get more excited for the mascot race than a game. yes, i'm excited teldy won. i'm ecstatic. -- teddy won. i'm ecstatic. >> just a little sarcasm. just a little bit. >> i'm kristen berset. have a great day. would you be willing to pay to make your facebook posts stand out more? that story is coming up. >> plus, we will bring you more excerpts, analysis and fact checking from the first presidential debate last night. beverly, over to you.
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>> welcome back. you're watching 9news now. we will be right back after a check of this look at northbound 95, 395 heading up to the pentagon and 14th street bridge. we'll be back at 5:30 or i'll be back at 5:30 with a check of timesaver traffic and we'll be back with more on 9news now.
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welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. thank as lot for joining us. we're starting scouting in our house. if you have any idea to keep 6 and 7-year-olds busy, send them my way. beverly farmer is in for monika. she has traffic. howard has your weather first. >> food, video games. weather wise, you're going to be great. >> it will be fun. >> build your own pizza. >> that will be fun when you get into the pine box derby stuff. weather wise we're looking at showers this morning. but a much better afternoon. you're going to love friday.
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you like saturday. sunday -- ahh. let's get you going with a look at the day planner for today. i don't even know how to spell that, mike. 76 degrees at noon with mostly cloudy skies. the showers will be around for the next few hours. 5:00 though we're going to have partly to mostly sunny. 77 after topping out around 81 degrees. here's are the showers this morning coming out of north carolina through virginia. we're seeing some light to moderate showers. much of this is fairly light stuff but look at this now. west of westminster, hagerstown some showers here. south of our area to damascus, got a little bit more moderate shower. now on the southeast side of d.c. into southwestern prince george's county here on the beltway there, imagine around andrews and route 405 seeing that activity. even a few more showers going down 95. mild, 60s and low 70s. 5:30. 's traffic. we have a crash in germantown we start off with on 118, wtbound 118 at 270. police are dealing with this crash. they'll have to direct you
5:31 am
around. it will cost you a little time. 270 not impacted but westbound 118 you can see mostly held up here over toof 270 with a crash. travel on the outer loop of the beltway heading into silver spring, it's just growing volume now. if you're making the drive 066 now eastbound -- 066, now eastbound volume is building. all lanes open through falls church into rosslyn. even the building pace now not slowing you down as you try to slide under the hov rules here. 95 northbound there's still volume delays heading past 17 in falmouth after overnight road work was cleared just a little bit late. heavier volume again as you approach quantico. your lanes are open into springfield and on to 395. your next timesaver traffic at 5:39. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thanks, bev. it is back to the battleground states for the presidential candidates after their first debate last night. >> president obama has stomp scheduled in wisconsin. paul ryan and mitt romney are headed to fishersville, virginia west of
5:32 am
charlottesville. kristin fisher is in the satellite center with more excerpts from the opening day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was an excellent debate in the sense there really was no fluff, no personal attacks. the candidates really focused on the real important issues. the economy. now, one of the most confusing things though, any time you're talking about the economy, tax cuts, deficits, it can get confusing. one of the most confusing but important exchanges during the debate was a lengthy clash between the two candidates over their competing tax proposals. listen to this. >> governor romney's proposal that he's been promoting for 18 months calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of $2 trillion of additional spending for our military. and he is saying that he's going to pay for it by closing loopholes and deductions. the problem is he's been asked over a hundred times how you would close those dee deductions and loop -- deductions and loopholes and hasn't been able to identify
5:33 am
them. >> i'm not looking for a $5 trillion tax cut. what i'm saying i want put in place a tax cut that adds to the deficit. no economists can say mit rom if i's tax plan adds $5 trillion when i say i will not add to the tax plan with my plan. >> for 18 months you've been running on this tax plan. now five weeks before the election, he's saying that his big bold idea is never mind. >> reporter: so a lot of back and forth during the debate. it was difficult to tell at times who was telling the truth. one thing as i mentioned, one thing that was noticeably absent from the debate were the personal attacks, especially that president obama never once mentioned romney's 47% comment, his taxes, his offshore bank accounts, none of that but still even without the personal attacks, that didn't turn away viewers. this was the most tweeted about political event in u.s. history. andrea, mike, get this. 10.3 million tweets about the
5:34 am
debate in just 90 minutes. amazing. >> it is. thank you. we'll keep following this and have more reports later on in the morning from kristen fisher -- kristin fisher. the morning after reports have mostly given the debate win to mitt romney. former governor bob ehrlich says president obama performed well but he believes the romney camp is very happy. >> this was a strong performance, an engaged performance, informed performance and clearly he met -- the expectations may have been rather low by the way but he met and exceeded those expectations. >> we heard reaction from former congressman ted perriello last hour. we'll continue to bring you more. this week marks ten years since the beginning of the sniper attacks. people were on guard for three weeks. inside a warehouse in prince george's county, evidence is being preserved for a future
5:35 am
exhibit on this. there's the 1990 chevy came please, the vehicle -- came pre, the vehicle used -- caprice, the vehicle used. also a card left outside the shooting in bowie, the shooter's first attempt to communicate with police. there are so many items, archivists are still working to get an accurate account of all of them. tonight the city of purcelville hopes to lift a boil water order. crews have repaired a water main that ruptured tuesday night. test results in a second round of water samples aren't expected to come back till 6:00 p.m. town water customers are advised to boil any water to be used for drinking, cooking or making ice just as a precaution. >> 5:35. it is money time for your money report. >> that means it's time for jessica doyle. she's back with the high prices we are all paying at the pump. i felt it yesterday. >> oh, boy. >> 3:78. >> as a result of what we're paying, a lot of drivers may be
5:36 am
questioning the conventional wisdom that we have labor day come and then gas prices start falling. that really hasn't been happening this year. a month later we're still paying pretty high prices at the pump. oil prices had been falling since mid september. demand for gasoline is down. but what's going on here, we've got refinery and pipeline problems. those have been keeping prices stubbornly high. and we are paying for it. here in the washington area aaa says prices are averaging $3.74 a gallon for regular this morning. that is down 3 cents from a week ago but it's only down 6 cents in the past month. do you want your friends to see your facebook posts near the top of their news feeds? the company is rolling out a feature in the u.s. that let's users pay to promote their posts to friends, just like the advertisers do. it's a service they're trying out in new zealand now and will gradually roll it out in more than 20 countries. how about a free international flight to
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jamaica, the bahamas or a dozen other countries. you may not like the catch. your presidential candidate has to lose. the airline is offering 1 thousand 6 people a free round trip international ticket. first you have to pick your candidate on jetblew's website before election day. then you have to be on the losing side to be entered into the sweepstakes to win. this is not something that you move out of the country. you can't do that. >> want to get away? a local news crew in libya raises new questions about the after path of the consulate's attack. that story is coming up. >> we go back to the presidential debate last night with a closer look at the accuracy of the candidates' statements on medicare. stay with us.
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5:40 on this thursday morning. some slight sprinkles out here in northwest d.c. other areas you're seeing light to moderate showers. we'll get the showers out of here the next few hours and a much better afternoon. here's a look at the day planner. we have temperatures starting on the mild side. 60s and low 70s. mid-70s by noon. high today about 81 with a 6:00 p.m. temperature back down to 75 degrees. i'll be back with some good starting to the seven-day forecast. you may not like where it goes, though. here's beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. not going to like the ride in germantown. southbound 118 is closed at 270 with a crash. police, fire rescue are on the scene. if you're southbound on 270, you can't exit west toward crystal rock but all lanes are open on 275 south. next timesaver -- 270 south. next timesaver traffic at 5:49. back to you. i've been combing through the retailer websites to find you deep discounts and we're starting the favorites this morning with a freebie.
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who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? cava mezze grill is offering free lunch and drink all for free. the location is 4237 wisconsin avenue northwest. the free offer between 11:00 and 1:30 today only. they'll also be giving out free samples of organic drinks. voluntary donations are being accepted. how about personal training at a discount. gilt city offering four personal training sessions. this is a dupont circle fitness studio. the price $189, 47% off. do you get hot at night when your honey turns down the temperature? do you get cold i should say. this might be for you. a dual climate controlled heated mattress pad. target has a deal for a queen
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$74.74. that's 35% off and you're getting free shipping. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. we want to take another look at our question of the morning. it is roughly 1100 of these are started every second in this country. is it a, automobiles, b, relationships, or c, loads of laundry. >> one of our facebook friends had this to say. c, laundry. just when you think you're finished you realize you're wearing your favorite jeans. then you run through the house trying to find something, anything to wash with them. it goes on and on. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. >> still ahead, "u.s.a. today"'s political editor does some fact checking when it comes to the candidates' comments on medicare in the presidential debate last night. >> archaeologists unearth an
5:43 am
ancient queen not in egypt but central america. >> redskins sam hawk 78. jackie collins is 75. author ann rice is 71. sact tres susan -- actress susan sarandon is 66. russell simmons is 55. actor lee schreiber is 45.
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welcome back. 5:46. your weather first. we do have some showers out there this morning. that will be the case for a few hours. on and off showers. most has been fairly light, 73 at 9:00. the by noon sunny breaks start to show up, 76. looks like a partly sunny afternoon, high of 81. another warm october day.
5:47 am
the showers this morning, they are right on top of the metro now. they started west. they've been moving east. one moderate shower between bowie and odenton moving to the northeast. sprinkles across the distributes. we have showers to the south and west, even toward westminster some showers. south of aldie some light showers. western fairfax down 28 in chantilly to centreville, you guys are wet. up and down 95 now moving east of 95, got these moderate showers. this is headed toward charles county in a little while. colonial beach, dahlgren, even into st. marys county and st. george's will see this the next one to two hours. we'll get better for the latter part of the morning hours into the afternoon. we start mild with mid-60s in the cool spots. culpeper 70 already. 75 at the patuxent naval air station. fredricksburg and easton sit at 73. so we really are up there temperature wise. we should be in the 40s and 50s this time of year for lows.
5:48 am
winds are calm. good visibility out there. cloudy. we're dry at the moment at reagan national with a temp of 73. the dew point 69. but there is some cold air coming into the country. it's all across the northern and central rockies now with 20s and 30s. got wayne ter storm which will rage across northeastern north dakota and northwestern minnesota. somebody up here may pick up a foot of snowfall from this. meanwhile we're watching this moisture come in off the gulf of mexico streaming up the east coast. that's why we've got the showers this morning. but this should start to scoot east of us as we get into the afternoon hours. once this gets past us, we'll get into a little bit of sunshine later this afternoon and then tomorrow looks great. saturday the next front approaches late. so could be some showers then. we're really going to cool down big time by sunday and monday. 81 today with an a.m. shower or two. afternoon sunshine. tonight 62 for d.c. 54 the suburbs with light winds. tomorrow 82. looks like a beautiful finish
5:49 am
to the week. saturday chance of a shower or two in the afternoon. mid- to upper 70s. sunday skins are home. tailgaters, it may be wet for you. temperature only around 60. 62 for columbus day. back to 70 with a late shower come wednesday. it's 5:49. good morning, beverly farmer. >> good morning, howard. not a good morning in germantown. sky 9 will show us the shot of the accident on 118 right over 270. westbound or southbound lanes of 118 heading past route 270 toward crystal rock closed completely. you can see the flashing lights. police and rescue crews. if south on 270 the thru lanes are open but you can't go west or south on 118. the bottom of the ramp is impacted by the crash cleanup. eastbound traffic is able to get by. all lanes are open at 270 at the scene. in virginia east on 66 we'll see more volume as you head in toward manassas, getting into centreville. should find all lanes open. a little more volume as you
5:50 am
make your way to falls church. monument drive, fairfax county police have been on the scene. we've seen delays coming past 17 falmouth getting into quantico from 630 and again the pace into springfield has been decent on the left side of your screen to head on to 395. next timesaver traffic comes up at 6:00. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. while the consensus is mitt romney outperformed president obama in last night's first debate, there's still a lot of investigating about what the candidates said. >> analysts like "u.s.a. today" political editor paul singer. they're checking into the substance of what they said in the debate last night. our derek mcginty spoke with singer about it over medicare. >> reporter: one of the things we heard a lot about tonight bringing paul into this discussion was the $716 billion medicare cut that actually mitt romney has been talking about for quite some time. it came part of our debate. >> i can't understand how you can cut medicare $716 billion for current recipients of
5:51 am
medicare. you point out we're putting some back fl we'll give them a better prescription program. that's one dollar for every 15 you've cut. they're smart enough to know that's not a good trade. >> reporter: president obama comes back and says i didn't cut the $716 billion. i just cut rates. is this a good or bad thing? >> this one has kicked around for a while. there are two things about it worth noting. one, there is a $716 billion reduction in payments to providers under medicare, to providers, not in nary to beneficial -- theory to beneficiaries. if you're cutting providers, where are you going to cut it? they'll stop providing benefits. that was the same number in paul ryan's budget. he also endorsed the same cuts in his budget. they're not cuts then but they're cuts now. so, yes, there is a $716 billion reduction in payments to medicare providers but democrats and republicans have to agree on it. >> mitt romney went on to say that a lot of providers had decided to stop taking
5:52 am
medicare. have you fact checked that? >> i have not been able to get into that detail yet because i'm still trying to figure out exactly when this applied and how many people it actually applies to. >> it is a very difficult topic to analyze. you can take another look at "u.s.a. today"'s debate fact checking on our website the presidential debate special banner is right at the top of our home page. it is 5:52. making news now, funeral services will be held later this morning for three members of a herndon, virginia family. 52-year-old kathi peterson and her teenage sons matthew and christopher were found dead in their home last week. police say albert peterson killed his family before taking his own life. sensitive documents are still apparently laying in wreckage at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya according to "the washington post." the post-crews saw personal records scattered around the complex which has since been
5:53 am
looted. ambassador stevens and two other americans were killed. ark comingists have discovered an ancient tomb inscribed with the queen's name. this is believed to be a 1300- year-old tomb. an event this weekend aims to help more local women survive breast cancer and possibly avoid it all together. we have more on that coming up. we'll definitely into more quote -- delve into more quotes from the first debate between president obama and governor mitt romney. a lot of voters are looking at the employment picture and forecast for the future to make up their minds on who to vote for. coming up we're going to tell you how the local job partial is looking. you are -- job market is looking. you are watching 9news now.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
good morning. welcome back to 9news now. october is breast cancer awareness month and this saturday, the seventh annual ladies for life event aims to educate women about breast cancer screening and prevention. dr. stephanie ockbari is with washington hospital center and is here to tell us more. good to have you with us. women of all ages n.ed to this. when and where do they show up? >> saturday morning at virginia hospital center. this is our seventhage ladies
5:57 am
for live. this is -- seventh annual ladies for life. it's meant to educate and empower women. >> it is free and all are welcome but it's important people register. >> absolutely. they can register by going to the website at >> you're going to have to hours you're devoting to educating and teaching women. give us some more highlights of what will happen when someone shows up. >> there are wellness booths. there is a physical therapy demonstration. and there's a panel of four women physicians. so three breast surgeons and a breast medical oncologist. >> the one lesson that you want to educate women about is that cancer, breast cancer is a beatable disease. i was just on a panel moderating a panel talking about empowering women on prevention. one of the doctors who is a survivor said it's easier than you think to prevent cancer. what are the steps that you would tell women to take to
5:58 am
start preventing some cancers? >> well, there are many things that we can do to reduce our risk for breast cancer. one is to exercise 30 minutes three times a week or more. reducing alcohol, not smoking. the biggest thing is really maintaining an ideal body weight because obesity is a big risk factor for breast cancer. >> the importance of agency screenings, we have -- of regular screenings, we've had debates about mammograms, who should get them, how long they should keep getting them, when to get them. we had reports from australia about reducing mortality and the gap between black and white would be eliminated with regular screening. >> regular screening should begin at age 40 unless there's a history of breast cancer. in those situations sometimes we begin screening earlier. but screening is really for early detection as opposed to prevention. the better we can find breast cancer in an earlier stage, the better the outcome. >> you can learn a whole lot more at the event.
5:59 am
it's on saturday. it's ladies for life, the seventh annual event but you do need to call in. 703-558-6448 to register. dr. akbari is looking forward to seeing all of you there this saturday. thank you for being with us. >> you're well. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm mike hydeck. andrea roane will be back momentarily. monika is off. beverly farmer is in for traffic. howard bernstein has weather. we don't have the lovest of mornings. we have showers but once we get into the afternoon, we'll be done with the showers. temperatures will be on the mild side once again. i think we top out around 81 degrees. that's about 10 above where we should be. 76 by noon. we're driving home 77. that high probably going to be hit around 3:00 or so. right now we're 73. we've got some showers out there. they're generally on the light side this morning. everything moving from southwest to northeast right across the region. we'll show you we've got some

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